Judging Method (CHI)


1 – 10

Word Prompt

1 – 10

Final Score

Mean of both scores = Final Score

Judging Criteria

Art Criteria

– Theme Relevance

– Creativity

– Composition

Word Prompt Criteria

– Word Formatting

– Word prompt Image Control

Criteria Explanation

Art Criteria

Theme Relevance:

Keep the main story of the theme in the book cover design.

Do not stray away from the main story of the book too much



– Wolf is a pet of Girl & Grandma

– Hunter helps Girl & Grandma

– Girl & Grandma fights Wolf


Little Red Riding Hood

Characters too similar to other Characters / stories


The participant is able to create an image that is a new perspective on the main story in question

Little Red Riding Hood

Sci-fi version of Story


The Image has a good visual appeal to the eyes based on the position of the elements in the image


Composition Guides:

Rule of Thirds

Center Composition

Leading Lines

Word Prompt Criteria

Word formatting:

Clear formatting of words to emphasize the necessary idea of the person

( e.g. [Style + Main idea, Main Character + Image Details] or any other means of formatting to create the desired image )


Example Word Formatting:

[ book cover ] Style,
[ little red riding hood, rule of thirds, happy mood, fantasy forest ] Main Idea,
[ sunny day, glowing, cinematic ] Image Details

Word prompt Image Control:

Can the word prompt control the image output consistently to a certain degree